Our Capabilities

We supply temperature-controlled rooms for a wide range of customers.

From our base in Merseyside we offer chill store, freezer and cold store installation across the UK. We also carry out cold store repairs and servicing and take great pride in our work. Whether you are a large company or a small firm around the corner, you’re guaranteed a professional service from our experienced and friendly team. Whether it is insulated walls, doors, ceilings or floors that you want, we’ve got the lot covered. Contact us to discuss your needs and to arrange a consultation.

Specialist Temperature-Controlled Stores
You can rest assured that you’ll get a high standard of temperature-controlled rooms installation from us. At JBJ Insulations, we have built a strong reputation for supplying the most efficient products. This is because we only use top quality panels that are reliable and durable.

If you’re a small or medium sized business that needs chill rooms that are hygienic and operate at their maximum. The projects we complete are on time and on budget and we maintain a friendly and professional approach at all times. No matter what you want, our highly skilled and knowledgeable team will give it to you. We’ll guide you through all the legislation and specifications required.

Cost effective temperature-controlled room construction
We deliver rooms that will match your exact needs. You’ll get a personal service from us as we work closely with you to ensure you get what you want, whether for a large factory or freezer. We install modern and efficient rooms and replace existing doors or panels.

You’ll get the most efficient system possible, making sure that you don’t waste any money. Speed and cleanliness are of paramount importance to us because we know what a difference it can make to your business. We adhere to strict hygiene guidelines for all food and pharmaceutical applications when it comes to temperature-controlled stores.

Producing high-quality environments for food factories
It is vital in food factories, processing and production areas to be hygienic. The insulated doors and panels we use are of the highest standards and will be expertly fitted by our experienced team. Contact us to find out how we can help you and to get a quote.

We deliver and install insulated panels for walls, ceilings and doors. If you require hygienic rooms or factories, then look no further than us. We are capable of fitting food factories and processing plants of all sizes, from a small area to large factories and production facilities.

Benefit from our expertise
Our team have completed contracts for a wide variety of clients. We have delivered highly efficient facilities for some of the largest manufacturing plants in the UK, including food factories, pharmaceutical companies, university research laboratories and chemical labs and factories.

Due to our expertise, we can deliver multi-chamber and multi-temperature production facilities. So no matter what type of temperature-controlled area you need, you can rest assured that we’ll do a top job. It isn’t just installation; we also offer repairs and can upgrade existing sites to help efficiency.

Want to reduce your insurance premiums?
You can cut costs by having our insulated doors fitted. Our doors and panels meet stringent safety regulations and efficiency standards. The insulated cores have polyisocyanurate and rockwool to make them fire resistant – reducing your insurance costs. P.I.R and Rockwool panels can be supplied.
The beauty of these doors is that they do not suffer with vermin, rot and mould. They also suppress dust and resist moisture – keeping your goods and environment safe. They are also CFC free to benefit your business’ environmental responsibilities. Contact us for more information.

The latest technology in your panels
Using the latest techniques and materials, we are able to give you panels that perfectly control conditions. The insulated panels we use are able to cope with different environments and are ideal for a number of different applications.

We also provide durable and highly efficient;

  • Chill store hinged doors
  • Cold store manual and automatic sliding doors
  • Fire-rated doors and fire shutters
  • Rapid roll doors
  • Crash doors
  • Strip curtains
  • Loading bay systems
Durable and solid flooring fitted
If you need to keep goods in a cold area then. It is crucial to make sure that this is correct. At JBJ Insulations, we have expertise in cold stores, laboratories, food factories and processing plants.
We provide solid, durable and hygienic floors. They will help you increase productivity by making the production process run smoothly. The flooring protection systems we put in place keep your equipment, goods and workforce safe.

Do you need floor protection systems or kerbs?
Whatever environment you are working in, we can enhance it with our flooring kerbs and protection systems. From resin floors in industrial and commercial settings to granolithic floors for paving, we can install it for you.

We also provide heater mats, kerbs and goal post protection. Contact us for expert advice and to get a free quote. We cover Liverpool and the surrounding areas as well as across the UK.

Need cold store repairs or refurbishment?
You don’t want your business to be hit by an accident – but they do happen. If you’re in the food industry or pharmaceutical business, then any fault in storage or production facilities can be critical. It is of utmost importance that you get any issues fixed straight away. That is exactly what we do.
Our team of experts will be with you in no time at all as we offer freezer, chill room and cold store repairs. If you suffer from a fire, flood or any kind of damage then contact us. With our repairs, we’ll make sure your profits aren’t hit and that you’re back up and running in no time. We’ll assess the damage and correct it as soon as possible.

Productivity enhacing refurbishments
Cold room refurbishment can be vital in helping your productivity. performing at its best, it could be costing you money. That is why it is important to get experts in for cold room maintenance and refurbishment. All of our work meets strict hygiene guidelines.

If any part of the room, panels or seals have worn away or need replacing then we can do that for you. You’ll be able to produce more and store more, making more profits for you. Whether it’s for or a one-off refurbishment, get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.

Specialist consultancy services
When it comes to all types of hygienic rooms, we have 30 years’ experience within the industry. Having provided hundreds of temperature-controlled room installations, including cold stores, food factories, processing plants and laboratories, you can benefit from our expertise. With specialist build consultancy from us, we can make your business more productive and energy efficient.
From our base in Merseyside we offer chill store, freezer and cold store installation across the UK. We also carry out cold store repairs and servicing and take great pride in our work. Whether you are a large company or a small firm around the corner, you’re guaranteed a professional service from our experienced and friendly team. Whether it is insulated walls, doors, ceilings or floors that you want, we’ve got the lot covered.

Building a more efficient business
If you’re not quite sure exactly what would work best for you, then utilise our cold room build advice. Using the latest technology, we can give you expert advice for projects of all sizes and industries.

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